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Yesterday’s snow storm may have delayed the New Hampshire House from convening to vote on HB 483, the biased-counseling and waiting-period mandate for now, but the fight isnt’t over.

We have an extra week to lobby state representatives to defeat this dangerous legislation—your gift of $15, $10, or even $5 today will help put an end to this attempt to place roadblocks between women and the health-care services they need.

You and I both know that decisions about reproductive-health care are complex and personal.That’s why we believe a woman should be able to weigh her options in consultation with her family and medical provider without government interference.

Next Wednesday, March 6, the New Hampshire House will decide whether politicians should be allowed to intervene in women’s personal, private medical decisions. Your gift today will help ensure we have the resources to continuing fighting to defeat HB 483 and other anti-choice bills like it.

For nearly 40 years, we have been working to protect and promote reproductive rights in the Granite State. Time and again, you’ve joined us to lobby your elected officials.

I hope you’ll take the next step in our efforts to protect women’s health and privacy today by becoming our newest member, or making an additional contribution.

I am forever grateful that you are a part of New Hampshire’s pro-choice movement—thank you for all you do.

For Choice,

Laura photo
Laura Thibault
Interim Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire

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Pro-Choice Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's DayOn Valentine’s Day, activists across the state took action to show their pro-choice love. At the University of New Hampshire, our campus representative coordinated a photo shoot for pro-choice students to display what they love about choice.

And in Concord, supporters joined us at two legislative hearings—one for pro-choice HR 6, which commemorated Roe v. Wade, and another for anti-choice HB 483, the dangerous biased-counseling and waiting-period mandate.

Our legislative intern, Alexa, testified in support of HR 6 through poetry—you can read her beautiful, inspirational words on our website.

No Room 4 Politicians Rally

Next Wednesday, March 6, join fellow pro-choice activists to rally outside the state House to urge lawmakers to keep politicians out of personal, private medical decisions.

We’ll be gathering on the House lawn at 8:30 a.m. — RSVP today. And don’t forget to bring a friend!

Save the Date – FREE Screening of Motherless

On Wednesday, March 13, we’ll be hosting a free screening of Motherless at New England College in Henniker. The documentary tells the story of four children who lost their mothers to illegal, pre-Roe abortions.

New Hampshire’s own Linn Duval Harwell is featured in the film and will be joining us to discuss how her mother’s death changed her life and inspired her to become a reproductive-rights activist. Join us on Facebook to find out more about the event, or email us. Hope to see you there!

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